How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Want to learn “how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story in a simple and creative way?” In this article, I will simply guide you step by step to put do this amazing feature easily from your iPhone and on Android.

You can use this trick to create a beautiful photo collage in one Instagram story. This creation is a very easy and time-saving process to increase better engagement with your Instagram audience.

Let’s see how to do this!

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How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story on iPhone and Android

how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story

This Instagram story Feature called, “Photo Sticker”.

  1. Tap the camera icon and open the stories.
  2. Upload a background image or add a background color to get started.
  3. Next, tap the “Sticker Icon” at the top of the screen.  
  4. Find the “Photo Sticker” icon under the Sticker Icon options and tap it.
  5. Choose any picture from the camera roll you want.
  6. Repeat this until you have to add the pictures to your story.
  7. Change the photo shape by tapping on it and zoom in and out to resize them.
  8. Use the text, animated text, stickers, and GIFs to embellish your Instagram story.
  9. You’re done! Now, tap to share your beautiful creation with your Instagram friends and followers.

How to Create Better Instagram Stories

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Now, that you know how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story and it’s time to start! Let me know, if you have any questions, I’m here for you.

how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story
how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story

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