How to Make a Business Card in Canva

Wouldn’t it be easier to hand them your contact information when meeting someone new instead of asking them to note them down?

Give them your business card!

A business card is the most important marketing tool you have. It is also a common way of exchanging your contact information with other people.

So in this article, I’ll show you how to make a business card in Canva, all you need is some creativity!

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How to Make a Business Card in Canva

Canva is a completely free tool to use for any type of graphic design you might need. It offers a range of easy-to-use templates, drag and drop functionality, social media options, plenty of fonts & icons, and more.

Each time you have a good conversation with a customer, you should follow up with a nice quality business card. So that they can not only remember you but also associate a professional image about your company.

It’s never been easier to create professional-looking business cards. With unlimited access to millions of free images, you can easily design your business card in Canva Pro for a super cheap price. It’s only $ 12.99 for 5 teammates, it’s the easiest way to create engaging graphics in minutes. You can even chat with your team to work on the details together.

How to make a Business Cards in Canva

Here’s how to use Canva to make your business card!

  1. Start with your Canva Pro 30-days free trial to unlock all the premium templates, tools, and more.
  2. Find an attractive business card template that matches your brand identity. Choose from hundreds of stunning templates in the Canva library. 
  3. Add your contact details and upload your logo to customize your business card as you like.
  4. select your printing options for good quality paper type for the best result.
  5. Take a look at your new business card design and get printing.

That’s it!

Canva makes it easy to make designed business cards for free or pro users. They provide the tools you need to create cards that are beautiful, effective, and designed for you. You can use their library of millions of photos, icons, graphics, media elements, and more to make your card more appealing. 

How to make a Business Card in Canva

Additionally, you can now generate and add QR codes directly from your business card.

Also, you can create and print your business cards using Canva, but there are few countries where you can use their Print feature. It is only available for limited regions, which vary depending on the country.  

Final Thoughts

Having a business card with your contact information makes it easy to quickly and confidently give them to new and existing clients, and building relationships is the key to success!

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Whether you’re feeling confident in your design skills or not, Canva would be the place to go. Canva is a platform that offers numerous layouts and designs to help you create your business cards.

It gives you have full control over the design, font, background image, font color, image color, and shape. It is very easy to use and can create effects beyond your imagination with just a little creativity.

Happy Designing!

How to Make a Business Card in Canva

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