How to Create a Website with Canva for Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to create a website with Canva? 

Once you have a free account with Canva, you’ll be able to create your website using Canva’s free website design templates. 

Canva is a web-based design tool that allows anyone to create easily and beautifully designed websites and landing pages. This includes any type of business, portfolio, event, or even personal use.

Creating a website is an easy and powerful way to promote yourself, your company, or anything you want.

So, let’s set up a fantastic website today by following my easy step-by-step guide! 

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What kinds of Websites Can You Create with Canva?

If you need a great-looking, fast, and user-friendly website, then Canva is what you were looking for. It allows you to create your page visually from pre-made website templates, media libraries, uploading your own images, embedding videos, and much more. 

The best thing about Canva is really easy to use, with 3 website templates to get started. 

Here are the 3 types of websites you can make with Canva:

Simply get started by clicking on, and search “Websites” in the templates library, and then look through the different templates to select the one that works best for you.

Now, let’s make your website together with Canva.

How to Create a Website with Canva

If you’re using a free account you can start with a free or blank template or you can try all the templates by signing up for Canva PRO 30-day free trial.

Then you’ve got all of your stuff ready to go. Let’s dive right in.

how to create a website with canva

First, choose a template you like. Once you’ve found the perfect template, just select it and click to open to see colors, fonts, and the sizes used for that template.

All of the templates are completely customizable, so you can make them your own!

Then you can easily customize and reformat every element on this page. Click the “Customize this template” button to start the process.

how to create a website with canva

Once you’ve selected your template, you’ll be taken to the Canva editor where you can add custom images, colors, elements, fonts, and logos to create the perfect design.

The Canva left sidebar gives you access to all the website creation tools you need, while the top bar allows you to customize each element.

When you click on the bottom bar, a menu will appear that enables you to add new pages or switch between existing pages to customize.

how to create a website with canva

After you’ve done all the customizations, you can add some external links to your website.

To add a link to your website, just click on an element or text and select the “create a link” icon from the top toolbar. And then copy-and-paste any URL you want there.

how to create a website with canva

Next up, your website is ready to publish. Click the “Publish as Website” button at the upper right corner of your Canva editor. 

When you click on it, you should see a small pop-up box to confirm your action. When it pops up, choose “Standard” from the list of web styles and click the “Open Website” button.

how to create a website with canva

Finally, your website will be live within seconds in the new browser!

Now you can share your website with others and they can see it like this.

how to create a website with canva

To get your website’s link, go to the newly opened web browser and find the link on the address bar and then copy that link.

And you’ll have a website link that looks something like this.

If you already own your domain, you can easily redirect it to your new Canva website.

Once you’re done everything but still do not have a domain name, see the guide on how to register a domain name fast!

Canva Pro is the Game Changer

Canva makes it easy to create beautiful designs for your blog, social media, website, or print project, all for FREE. But if you’re serious about your business, say hello to Canva PRO, the powerful new version of Canva to design anything instantly. 

It comes with thousands of templates with everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Canva can give you the skills to make websites, blogs, social media posts, flyers, posters, business cards, products, apps, banners, and more.

It’s just $12.99/mo and you can now add up to 5 people to your User Plan! It’s well worth it!

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How to Create a Website with Canva

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