5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Beginners in 2021

Social media scheduling tools are great tools for anyone looking to schedule posts on different platforms. These tools will help you see what your audience is interested in, and set up posts that best meet their needs.

Whether you are a small business owner, managing multiple accounts online, or simply looking for a way to share your thoughts and expertise with your peers without having to save up for your schedule on paper, this post will give you the top 5 social media scheduling tools that I use and recommend.

Don’t be late, it’s time to schedule!

Social media can be a great tool if used correctly. However, it can also be ineffective in driving sales for your small business.

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Why Should You Use Social Media Scheduling Tools?

That’s because to keep your social media online while you are offline! It’s like you’ll always be in touch with your audience all day. 

Also with these scheduling tools, you can easily operate your social networks efficiently. You can design and schedule multiple posts at once. With Schedule Tools, you can choose the best time to publish your article and capture your audience at the right time.

So, in this article, I’ll list down the best social media scheduling tools to help you to save your time.

Pretty good to start!

Here’s a list of top social media scheduling tools in 2021!

  1. Canva PRO
  2. Tailwind
  3. Buffer
  4. TweetDeck
  5. Hootsuite

1. Canva PRO

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Canva is your superpower for designing, marketing, printing, and publishing to grow your small business and increase your daily traffic easily.

It allows you to create unlimited content with their photos, videos, graphics, and audio library at no cost. 

The best thing about Canva is that it updates with the social media posting and scheduling tool. You can easily connect all social networks to your Canva account in one place.

Also, you have the access to publishing your awesome posts on 7 social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and much more.

This feature will be available for Canva Pro users. Would you like to get this feature for free? Sign up for a Canva PRO 30-day free trial to make this smart schedule yours.

After activating the Canva Pro plan, all Canva’s Plus features will be added to your Canva account in one minute.

Pricing: For that, their pricing plan starts at $9.99/month(billed annually).  When you work together, you can keep the whole team in one place by going to the team subscription plan to add your members.

2. Tailwind

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Tailwind is the smart marketing assistance for creating, scheduling, and analyzing your social networks. It’s a perfect social media scheduling tool for 700 000+ bloggers using Pinterest and Instagram

Among the other social media scheduling tools, Tailwind is the best-verified partner with Pinterest. This means that every single feature of Tailwind can easily work with Pinterest.

Why do people use Tailwind to pinning on Pinterest?

This is because the Tailwinds stand out as special features for their users.

  • Easy to schedule pins and Instagram posts.
  • Scheduling multiple posts at once.
  • Can be rescheduling and republishing old posts and pins.
  • Easily create pins in Tailwind.
  • Can meet new influences and teams.
  • Collaborate with the other groups and communities.

All the features in Tailwind are great time savers and easy makers. Everything is easy because everything is in one tool. You can easily create pins and posts, on the Tailwind dashboard and then simply schedule them at the best time you want. Finally, you can share with your groups in the community in one minute. 

Also, it is a great social media tool for bloggers and small business owners to drive more traffic in less time.

However, If you are a beginner at Tailwind, you can watch their instructional video guide to learn the inside features of Tailwind.

Pricing: Tailwind’s subscription pricing plan starting at $9.99/month (billed annually) for each Pinterest and Instagram account. You can try their free plan before working on it. 

3. Buffer

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Buffer is one of the best social media scheduling tools popular among more than 75 000 + companies.

It is a great way to schedule the day-to-day advertising of your small businesses. Moreover, that it helps publish, analyze and build a relationship with your audience on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin from in one place.

Buffer’s schedule planner is good for using Instagram posting. Because it helps to craft the perfect post at the right time to publish. Also, you can easily measure the reports on the measurements of your posts on social media. 

Once you sign up for the buffer account you need to link your social media networks into your account. It’s a very simple way to complete the process.

When you use a free plan, you have some limitations on adding accounts and publishing posts.

Pricing: They give access to add 3 social accounts and 10 scheduling posts for one user for their free plan. But you try the premium plan, pricing will start at $15/month including 8 social media accounts and 100 scheduling posts for one person.

4. TweetDeck

Social Media Scheduling Tools

TweetDeck is the social media dashboard that has only access to your Twitter accounts. It’s always a free tool if you’re a Twitter user.

You can add multiple Twitter accounts to the Tweetdeck dashboard in that scheduler, which allows you to schedule instant tweets or late delivery.

It has a customizable column and those columns can be easily changed, added, moved, and deleted anytime. 

Also, you can edit your scheduling massage by using the images, videos, and GIFs before publishing your regular tweets.

Pricing: TweetDeck is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to access your multiple accounts at any time without signing out. It has limited features but everything is free forever.

5. Hootsuite

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that has a wide range of platforms including personal accounts, business pages, and other activities.

It’s a seemingly advanced scheduling tool with multiple features that are scheduling, managing and performance reporting, and many more.

You can easily publish your content with the right audience from a single dashboard. Once you log in to your account you can manage and analyze your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts in one place.

Pricing: Their free plan is limited to add 2 social accounts and 5 scheduled messages for one person. The pro plan starts at $19/month(billed annually). It allows you to switch 10 social accounts with unlimited scheduling posts with massages in one inbox.

If you like to work on it, try their 30-days free trial to experience all the features on Hootsuite.

Let’s Recap All the above Social Media Scheduling Tools

If you’re a blogger or a small business owner, using social media scheduling tools is a great way to drive more daily traffic and increase your sales efficiency.

Also,, it’s a better time saver!

In these 5 social media scheduling tools, I recommend using your social networks to manage day-to-day posting and advertising processes.

Every tool is usable but choosing one of them is a difficult thing.

It doesn’t matter anyway. Most of them offer free plans for you. Take the time and keep checking one by one until you get comfortable with it. 

It’s a very easy way to choose the one you suit.

In my experience, Canva is a super easy scheduling tool for me because each social account can easily add one place and can be scheduled in one simple click. The best thing here is that you can do both creating posts and share them without downloading them on social media from the same Canva account. Also, creative graphics will help to create the best post for you.

But apart from Pinterest pinnings, Tailwind is a great lifesaver for beginners who love easy things.

So which is your favorite?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’m always looking to add your favorite social media tools that I missed up. 

If you are happy to read this article, don’t forget to schedule this in your favorite social media scheduling tool!

Happy Scheduling!

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10 thoughts on “5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Beginners in 2021”

  1. Personally, I was not too fond of Tailwind because I didn’t personally find the same benefits you discussed in your article. Is it possible that I was using it wrong? Maybe, but I watched the videos and read the directions, and still nothing.

    Canva is solid Gold. I love the scheduler built right in. One-click, done.

    I haven’t heard of the other three, but I will check them out. Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kyle!

      Since you are new to Tailwind you may not understand how some things work well. But do not worry. I’ll let you know.

      Tailwind has many advantages over all else. For example, they suggest the best time to stick to your new pins and you can join private groups to share your pins and work together. You know that the more pins you post, the more traffic you get. So you can post pins on Tailwind without the hassle of all the others here. Tailwind also sends you weekly reviews of your pin activity.

      As you said, Canva is also the best scheduler. But there is no feature in it to collaborate with external groups that we are not joined with on Pinterest. So Tailwind had it.

      So, you are free to use two schedules like me, you can use the canva to publish your pins and schedule the pins you want to repin with Tailwind. Easy, right?

  2. I will have to try Buffer! I’ve been interested in social media schedulers, but there are so many available I wasn’t sure which may work for me.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tara! Buffer is good. But even better are Canva and Tailwind. If you’re a beginner blogger, Canva is perfect for you. Because Canva has a beginner-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

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