6 Hidden Features of Canva Pro that You Should Try Yourself

Are you interested to make creative designs with Canva? Here are the hidden features of Canva Pro which can do to make unique creative designs with less effort.

However, if you have been using Canva free plan, you know that it is the best online design tool for every beginner to create creative graphics for free.

That’s excellent!

But you have probably wondered whether it is worth paying for a Canva Pro, or whether it is better to save money by keep on going with the free plan.

Don’t waste your time thinking. I’ll give you the answer.

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What is Canva Pro?

The Canva Pro is the upgraded level of the Canva comes with amazing features including premium photos, videos, templates, unlimited content, and much more interesting elements. These advanced features help you speed up your work and save time at a lower cost.

Unlike other tools, it is also available for both design and print media. They are updated every year, adding some new features to enhance your design skills. I make sure that these features will help you to make a freelance service to make money online at home.

So I would be there to guide you about Canva’s Pro secret features to save you time and money rather than spending it.

Is It Really Worth Paying to Get a Canva Pro?

When you sign in to Canva Pro, it means you have to buy it.

But You’re really lucky!

👋 They will offer you a 30-days free trial to get access to all the premium features without spending any money. You can try these all Pro features for free to find out if it’s really worth paying for. Would you like to move forward with Canva Pro?

Maybe, you may not understand whether it is worth buying a Canvas Pro to grow your business.

However, before answering the question, I would like to list some of the new features that they have added to the Canva Pro so far.

  1. Background Remover
  2. Magic Resize
  3. Content Planner
  4. Premium Animation
  5. Stay on Brand
  6. Unlimited Folders

These secrets will make your work easier and smarter than you think. In the end, you can decide for yourself how important it is to grow your business and realize that you can make a profit rather than spend on it.

Let’s jump in to the secret features!

1. Background Remover

Hidden Features of canva pro

If you are trying to remove the background of the photo, you don’t need to hire a skilled Photoshop editor. Canva Pro has a built-in feature that simplifies the background removing task.

Background removal is the most important part if you are selling certain products as your business. When capturing a perfect shot, the background can distract your images. But this feature makes the one tricky process to remove background in one minute. 

All you have to do first is upload your own image or select unlimited photos on the Canva. Next, click on the “Background Remover” in the effects section. Then the background will disappear like magic in one minute. If you want a transparent background, you can select the “Transparent Background” when downloading it.  

This is a really cool feature in Canva, you can get that experience with their 30-days free trial.

2. Magic Resize

Hidden Features of canva pro

Magic resize means one design can be completely resized for any platform. This is a good time saver. 

While you’ve to work on social media, you’ll want to post the same creative graphics for all social media accounts. So with one simple click, you can resize your graphic to different sizes at once.

You can easily access this feature on the left side of your Canva dashboard. And you don’t have to spend hours getting dimensions and redesigning your graphics. It will now resize automatically with a single command.

3. Content Planner

Hidden Features of canva pro

This is the best part of Canva pro that I never see before other design tools. Because Create, plan, and schedule social media across your favorite platforms all from within Canva. Also, the best thing is no need to download your designs to posting or scheduling. All social accounts can be linked to Canva to publish posts without downloading.

If you’re a blogger like me, don’t forget to try this amazing feature and get that experience for free.

4. Premium Animations

Here you can magically animate your design in a creative way with Canva pro. You can easily add instant animation to your social posts, presentations, e-cards, or anywhere you need to make touch with visual impressions. 

This is an easy and affordable way to produce high-quality designs without wasting your time and money. Also, you can choose the best way to upload your graphics like GIFs or videos as you download them.

5. Stay on Brand

Hidden Features of canva pro

You can see this feature on the left-hand side of the Canva dashboard under the home headings. Canva’s brand kit allows you to create brand colors, fonts, and logos all in one place and keep organizing your brand set. 

This brand kit is available in your free version but with fewer options. If you’re a pro user, you can choose from a range of colors, such as selecting hex codes, uploading your custom fonts and colors to use. The other thing is, you can easily navigate your brand kit while working on your Canva design.

6. Unlimited Folders

Canva Pro

Canva offers you a new feature to organize your design and save them in unlimited folders. This feature is a great way to organize if you work on busy pages and designs. You can create a folder to save your designs one by one.

Canva Pro is a collaborative tool. As a Pro user , you have the ability to invite others into your projects, or share your work with existing team members. You can also manage which team members have access to which folders within your account.

👋 The best thing is that can add up to 5 people to your one user plan to work as a team! It’s just $12.99/mo and well worth it!

If you get Canva pro, You can access both of these features are at once. 

Final Thought

In this article, I have covered all the insider secret features in Canva Pro that they are updated so far. Canva is the superpower of your design skills. And it’s a lifesaver. Without in-depth design skills, you can create amazing designs using these Canva Pro features.

Canva is such a wonderful resource for me. I create every one of my designs using Canvas Pro, which will always be unique to me.

If you really enjoy reading this article, go to try them out and let me know which one is new to you.

Happy Designing!

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